Hello There And Welcome!

I have been in love with photography since childhood. I guess it amazed me how with a click of a button you could freeze a moment and forever cherish it. I remember being so excited to pick up our film scans at the store. The beauty and contrast in each photo amazed me.

In high school I took an entry level photography class that showed the basics of how to use a 35mm. I loved being the one in control of how my world would show up on paper. It made me really enjoy the small things in life. In a way it also made me look at my surroundings in a whole new light. Simple things now became art. I remember setting up ordinary items as my subjects to photograph. Most kids were taking pictures of their family and friends, and here I was taking pictures of soda cans, park benches, buildings, flowers on a tree branch, bugs, and droplets of water. I wanted to photograph everything!

It wasn't until after high school that I really started photographing people. My grandfather gifted me my first digital camera, and asked me to take some shots of the family. I got everyone together, aimed the camera, and snap...instantly I fell in love with portraiture. I still have the first photo I took of my family. No one was looking at the camera. My cousins were laughing at a poorly executed joke, my aunt was still settling into her pose, my mom was giving the evil eye to someone behind me, and my grandparents were smiling at something unrelated to the picture. I love this photo. It was real life. That was the moment that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.

Years have passed and now I am a wife and mother. I own my own photography business and have settled nicely into the style in which I want to be known for. I am in love with my life's path thus far. I am always traveling and meeting new people. I cannot wait to see what this life has in store for me. Whatever it may hold I know I will be there, camera in hand to capture every moment.